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Investment strategies series | Jennifer Beadles

Investment Strategies Series

We’re almost a week away from our next Meet Up in Woodinville! This month we are kicking off our new investment strategies series. This will be a three part series, and we’ll cover the following topics: Part 1: October 18th @ 6PM at the Pizza Coop in Woodinville The BRRR Strategy – BRRR Stands for […]

Investment strategies series | Jennifer Beadles

How To Find High Cash Flowing Properties In WA

Washington State is one of the best places to invest in the Country, and as 230 people are moving to Seattle every day, more and more investors are wanting to get in on the hot real estate market. Though for the investor who is looking to find high cash flowing properties, it’s becoming harder and harder […]

Investment strategies series | Jennifer Beadles

How to benefit from this hot market

This year we have seen record breaking sales prices and an increase in investors buying multi-family properties. Due to the increase in demand, prices have gone up significantly. While the value of real estate has gone up, so have rents. According to Zillow rents in the greater Seattle area have gone up 5.4% YOY and […]

Investment strategies series | Jennifer Beadles

Details On A New Duplex Purchase In Everett With 4 Income Streams!

At InvestinWa we love great success stories! Today’s success story is about our investor client’s new Everett duplex purchase. This awesome duplex is in a desirable area in Everett, just down from Providence hospital and not far from the waterfront development scene. It’s on a double city lot, and best of all this duplex will […]

Investment strategies series | Jennifer Beadles

11 Ways Building New Construction Homes Can Make You Rich

Before I made the transition to the sales side of real estate, I worked for a small builder/developer building new construction homes. The business model was primarily spot lot and entry level homes, and I learned so much from this working experience that in 2010 I decided to pool investor capital and build myself. Interestingly, my first […]

Investment strategies series | Jennifer Beadles

Why Foreclosure Auctions Are Scarier Than Dating Taylor Swift

I’ve been buying properties at the foreclosure auction since 2010. The foreclosure auction is not to be confused with the online auctions such as auction.com, xome.com or hudsonandmarshall.com. Those online auctions are typically already foreclosed on, and most come with some form of title insurance. The foreclosure auction is for diehard real estate investors who […]

Investment strategies series | Jennifer Beadles

Why We Love Detached Garages

  Our clients will tell anyone that our approach to investing is very different from the average agent. Most agents focus on finding properties at a relatively low price for the neighborhood as a whole, focusing more on a discount than anything else, and selling the client on future appreciation. We’re constantly reminded of the issues […]

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